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The Contender Asia Season 2 Malaysian Qualifications

Submitted by sam on Sat, 07/05/2008 - 17:05.

The results of the Malaysia muay thai superfigths and TCA 2 qualifiers 2008 are in, courtesy of Muay Thai Singapore:

1st match: Abbi Ahmadi (Iran) won by points against Zidov
2nd match: WMC Female inter title: Tiana "Tiger" Caverley (AUS) won by TKO against Olivia Jackson (KSA)
3rd match: TCA 2 selection part 1 Super 4 fight Bernard Radin vs Tengku Sharizal, Tengku won by points
4th match: TCA 2 selection part 2 Super 4 fight Khoo Meng Yang vs Harish Ramli, Harish won by points
5th match: Zach vs Leonard, Leonard won by TKO - dislocated shoulder
6th match: WMV inter defending title: Sean Wright won by TKO against Sirichai "Singha Siri" (THA)
7th match: TCA 2 finalist: Tengku Sharizal vs Harish Ramli, Tengku won by KO

So the latest Contender Asia Season 2 participant is Tengku Sharizal.