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Northern European CA2 Qualifier - Marcus Öberg ( Sweden )

Submitted by nyghtsky on Tue, 05/13/2008 - 02:59.

5 of Contender Asia fighters are fighting at K-1 Scandinavia Max 2008 on 31 May 2008. Take note of the Contender Asia note ( below Ole )

Tournament Reserve Fight

  • Flag of the Czech Republic Frantisek Slustik vs. Flag of Norway Daniel Nordaas

Super Fight #1 WMC Featherweight European title

  • Flag of Spain Alfonso Marquez vs. Flag of Sweden Chris Foster

Tournament Quarter Finals

  • Flag of Sweden Elias Daniel vs. Flag of Sweden Joakim Karlsson
  • Flag of Sweden Mattias Karlsson vs. Flag of Sweden Marcus Oberg
  • Flag of Germany Kamal El Amrani vs. Flag of the United Arab Emirates Dzhabar Askerov
  • Flag of Suriname Marco Pique vs. Flag of Australia Bruce MacFie

Super Fight #2 WMC Female Junior Middleweight

  • Flag of Thailand Nong Thoom vs. Flag of Sweden Pernilla Johansson

Super Fight #3 WMC Super Middleweight Intercontinental title

  • Flag of Australia John Wayne Parr vs. Flag of Denmark Ole Laursen

Super Fights #4 WMC Middleweight World title

  • Flag of Thailand Yodsaenklai Fairtex vs. Flag of Russia Levin Artem

Super Fights #5 WMC Cruiserweight

  • Flag of Denmark Rasmus Zoeylner vs. Flag of Sweden Abbe Joof

Super Fights #6 WMC Cruiserweight

  • Flag of Morocco Badr Hari vs. Flag of the Netherlands Mourad Bouzidi