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JWP vs Rafik!!!! whoohooooo

Hehehe so what do you think about this one?
They should stop with that stupid idea they keep showing after the episode with "Who do you think deserves a rematch?" And with the winner of the competition?!?!? That's useless, what can he proves if he wins?!?? No1 does, it's over, think about the next fight.


Episode 2 spoiler

The fight report is posted on Fights play-by-play


About the show

The contender AsiaThe Contender Asia is a reality-based television series that follows 16 aspiring Muay Thai middleweight fighters from 14 countries as they compete in a series of outdoor challenges and sanctioned matches. The series is a deviation from the original Contender series, which involved boxing.

The winner will receive US$250,000. The program is hosted by former Muay Thai World Champion Stephen Fox (who also serves as the show's trainer) and Jaymee Ong.


The fighters were divided into two groups: Blue Team and Red Team. Fox selected the team captains based on their fight records and characters. The leaders then chose their teammates in a "school yard pick". Blue Team and Red Team were given the names "Wild Boars" and "Tiger Kings" respectively, based on legendary Muay Thai fighters.

So what do you think of the first episode?

good/bad? entertaining/boring? What did you like and what not?


Fight report for episode 1

We'll post the first fight report in a few minutes on http://contenderasiafans.com/content/fights-play-play
Warning: it WILL contain spoilers! :-)


It started!!!! It's awesome!!!

Zidov is quite funny and Yodsaenklai brought that belt, remember? :-)


Less than 10 hours

I'm soooo excited, need to take a cold shower. Remember the fighters' entrance before the first bout? We were all cheering and screaming and applauding and then "hey, look, there's xxx!!!"  and "who's that funny guy?" and the girl on my left: "OMG he's so handsome!!" Indeed, he never wasted a photo opportunity with the ring card girls for the next I don't know how many episodes.... :-)


The Contender Asia - Title

The opening sequence to the Imagine Omnimedia / Mark Burnett Productions upcoming Muay Thai reality television show "The Contender Asia".



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