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Sorry, I can’t tell you who won

An article from The Straits Times April 16th 2008

A gag order on the winner of Contender Asia after the finale in this Internet age makes everybody look stupid

Tay Yek Keak
I WENT to watch a very exciting Muay Thai boxing match last Saturday night and I am dying to tell you who won. But I simply cannot reveal the winner in the final of The Contender Asia, the reality TV series shot in Singapore.

12th Apr Finale Pictures

Here are some pictures from the fight nite. Enjoy guys!


Yodsaenklai vs JWP - short clip

From the first round - Yod knocks down JWP

The final was fought - SPOILERS

Great fight!!! Do you want to know the results?

Episode 13 - fight report

Who will fight at the FINALE?


Episode 12 - fight report

Contender Asia Fans Channel on YouTube

Hi guys, we updated our channel there, please take a look and tell us what you think.



Episode 11 - fight report

Episode 9 - Fight report

Episode 8 - fight report

Episode 7 - fight report

The fight started - 1st round ZACH RULES!

Kicks, punches, puch kicks - AWESOME!!!


From Which Team will the WINNER come from?

Tiger Kings
88% (210 votes)
Wild Boars
12% (28 votes)
Total votes: 238

Episode 6 - fight report

So it's Dzhabar vs David

In the fight there were a couple of things Dzhabar did and we didn't understood why... But now it's all clear :-)


Watch the episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Episode 5 - fight report

Who will win The Contender Asia?

Episode 3 - fight report


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