South Africa WMC /SAMA CA2 Qualifier - Bakhulule Baai

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South Africa WMC /SAMA CA2 Qualifier - Bakhulule Baai

Cape Town and South Africa will talk for a long time about the WMC /SAMA muaythai event with its Stadium packed to bursting point with the 3500 seats sold out and thousands in the standing area, and its main highlight being the Contender Qualifier.

In the end there can be only two left and it was Jason Roberts vs Bakhulule Baai who faced off in theAfrican Contender Qualifier final.
This fight will have Africa talking for a long time and after a hard fight with both giving it their all, it was Bakhulule Baai who came out on top taking the decision and making it into the final qualification of Contender Asia season two.

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Cheers man for the posts! Amazing indeed, season 2 will be GREAT!!!