Trevor TNT Smandych


Trevor Smandych started his martial arts career with karate at age 11. His passion for impact was fulfilled when he switched disciplines and began training in Muay Thai 2 years later. With his first fight at the age of 16, Trevor was given the nickname TNT by his teacher and friend Ajarn Mike Miles. Trevor's first round patience in the ring is followed by an explosion of perfection and focus for as long as his opponent will take it His technical accuracy and genuine nature make Trevor an excellent instructor and coach. The word can't is a swear word in his vocabulary and his 74 fight record (25 professional wins and 36 amateur wins) is a reflection of Trevor's dedication to his sport and to himself His life outside of the ring includes instructing 6 days per week, his own daily training and overseeing the NW gym where he has been head instructor and business partner since December 1998All this and an amazing outlook on life makes Kru Trevor Smandych one of the best instructors anyone interested in Muay Thai could ask for

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I can't take the credit for it though - his sister Lysia wrote that and it's posted on his website....

I know there are a few pictures of him on his website too - - you could probably steal them off of there just as well as I can.

Yeah, but unfortunately they're not very new :-( he should update his site, he's a star!!! :-)

I know there are some newer ones kicking around somewhere (haha, no pun intended) when I get a few minutes between working, school and training, I'll see what I can dig up and send them to you.