Sean Wright

Sean Wright hails from sunny Scotland where he started training muay thai with the Scottish Muay Thai Council, back in 1995 when he was just 14 years old. He first stepped in the ring at the age of 19 and went on to do well on the British Muay Thai scene, winning the SIMTA Welterweight British title and IMTC Super Welterweight British title. Having spent many summers travelling back and forth to train in Thailand, in late 2006 Sean made took the final step, packing up his things and moving out to live and train in his sports home country.

Since then he has continued to have success, taking part in the King's Cup in 2006 and winning the WMC Intercontinental title at the Presidents Cup in Kasakhstan in 2007. He also has fought and won bouts at both of the famous Bangkok stadiums, Rajadamern and Lumpinee.

He currently lives and fights out of Lanna Muay Thai in Chiang Mai, with occasional trips to Sasiprapa in bangkok. Muay Thai is more than just a hobby to Sean and he dedicates his time, energy and money to the sport. Expect big things from him! His current fight record is 36 fights: 27 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws.

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I heard a big part of Seans strength and stamina training comes from Swimming?? Man that boy can swim like a fish!!

Nice write-up!!! Thanks Anya!

I'm a Sean fan! Seriously though, I was surprised when I saw how the Contender Asia is made to give that selected few more screen time don't you think? Like, even for Alain and Pitu no one really noticed them. Or maybe it's just how the fighters characters are, they gotta film the more interesting antics of the rest of them else it would make boring TV. You can see how a particular fighter try so hard to be kooky...

Anyway back to Sean. He's still my favourite!

[quote=Zig Zach]

I heard a big part of Seans strength and stamina training comes from Swimming?? Man that boy can swim like a fish!!


no not swimming! body weight exercise! ross traing stuff! no long runs! lots of pad rounds! sprints once a week! how do i know this! iv trained amongst him at lanna mauy thai in chang mi thailand for 3 mounths in the summer of 07!

Wow, training at Lanna that's pretty well known as a tourist camp. I am sure Andy gave him some sponsorhip, though. Most of the fighters that go there jump ship to Chai Yai or go to BKK.

Have to add my opinion here! Lanna may be considered as a 'tourist camp' as some because its accessible not intimidating to go and train there particularly if its your first time in Thailand. Chiang Mai is a great city with loads to do, and the trainers at Lanna all speak some English and are prepared to give everyone time, even beginners, as long as you put the effort in. Having an English speaking camp manager (Andy) also makes it easier for Westeners to train there. So yeah, there are always lots of 'tourists' who perhaps just want to give Muay Thai a go for a couple of days as part of their holiday, but whats the problem with that, because they are only there for a short time, and usually can't manage more than a round or two on the pads! These guys bring in the money that helps to pay the trainers and keep the camp going!

There are also plenty of folk who profess to wanting to train seriously but after a few days get fed up of the early rises, or bored of putting the effort in at training, or just simply get distracted by the social side of things and the nightlife on offer in Chiang Mai. I've heard mutters from a few folk when there, complaining about how they never get to go with any pad holders, and other folk always get picked first etc. What you will find is the Thai trainers will be there for everyone who is working hard, if you are standing about doing nothing and looking lazy then they aren't gonna be interested. You have to earn your place! I've found that it is these people who 'jump ship' to try other camps. I always wonder how long they will last elsewhere before they start complaining again, and give up again.

For those people who really do take Muay Thai seriously and are there to train hard, and who are prepared to put the effort in, then its a really good camp. Andy takes real interest in the training of his fighters, and the Thai trainers there will push you and help you plenty if you show them that you are making an effort. There is also the Lanna Doi Modt camp up in the hills - basic facilities so not for the faint hearted, but hard core training for those who want to take it a step further! Sean takes his training very seriously and have developed a lot of his own training regimes, but he has done it with Andy's support (he does also train occassionaly at Sasiprapa in Bangkok) and you can see that he is really having success and getting great opportunities, so I reckon he is a pretty good advertisement for Lanna as a camp where you can do well in the world of Muay Thai if you put the work in!

Ok, rant over



Well two very good fighters left there to go to Chai Yai and then on to Rompo ROnnie and Rasmus from Denmark. Jovan who is still fighting in Chiang Mai is at Chai Yai. Johann a Dutch fighter is also at Chai Yai when he is not at home at VOS (which is considerably better). So are you getting referal money from Lanna? Because, I am pretty tied into what happens in that part of Thailand (among other places). And Ole's guy, Casper sometimes trains there or did, I should say.


As for a somparison: Well, gee I am sure Kwaersermit and Fairtex Bangkok are in awe. Look, I know several fighters who went there and left because it isn't set up for real fighters to compete at BKK level. Getting up early in the morning to train twice day is not a pancea. We know Andy belives in running a lot. But, you might want to figure out why just about every K 1 champion is Dutch or was training in Nederlands (Branko was at Chakuriki).

Thai methods don't work for everyone and they point blank don't know how to train heavyweights. And there is nothing wrong with being a tourist camp with chicks and guys hooking up--as long as you admit it and don't pretend to think that you are the next S 1 or K max or K 1 training center. BTW how many of the trainers are still trying to hit on every farang girl there?

Just to give you a difference in training:

I will bet you that anyone there who is doing pad rounds cannot come here to Cambodia and make 3 rounds on the pads (we are like Nederlands we use 3 minute rounds and not 5 minutes). In fact, I am so sure of this that I will bet you 100 Euros.  Let me know when you want to try.

lannas full of tourists now! and fairtex is definately one of the best in thailand! although you might as well call lanna the sean and "the ben" camp as thay are the only ones that  get serious training! but still the best well round camp iv been to in thailand! sean and the ben are full time fighters tho! and bens got the best conditioning iv ever seen!

Woah! Didn't mean for this to turn into a big debate on who can do longer on the pads (right now I could probably manage about 30 seconds before I pass out and thats regardless of what country I'm in!). I just wanted to point out that although Lanna has plenty of folk visiting it that aren't seriously into Muay Thai, you can still get good training there, and succeed in Muay Thai if you've got the skill/heart/determination for it. No camp or trainer can make a champion out of someone if they don't have those things to work with!

I'm also not sure what the Netherlands or being Dutch, or indeed the S1 or K1 has to do with this conversation about a camp in Chiang Mai that Sean trains at? Nor did I at any point make a comparison with any Bangkok gyms so why make sarcastic comments about them being in awe (or otherwise) about Lanna?

Yes Andy does like his running which is why I mentioned Sean has worked out some of his own training regimes, he's just taking a bit of responsibility for his training cos as you said Thai methods don't work for everyone. Saying that the camp isn't set up for training 'real fighters to compete at BKK level' isn't really fair though, Sean sure as hell is a 'real fighter' and has frequently fought in BKK, including Raja and Lumpini over the last few years. If he can do it training at Lanna then nothing is stopping others doing it also. I would imagine several other folk who have trained/do train there (Thai and foreigners) and fight for Lanna would be offended by that comment too!

As I said before my ability on the pads is rotten currently but I know for sure there are people at Lanna who would easily win your bet, not least of all Sean himself!

But anyhoo, I'm not trying to make any big points here or get into an argument I just happen to like Lanna, I'm not saying its better than all these other gyms partly because that would be a ridiculous comment and also because I haven't visited all these others gyms to make judgement. All I'm saying is that in my opinion you can get good training there if you put in the effort. End of.


You're wasting your time arguing with this guy. He knows everything and then some!




I also think Sean Wright is a great fighter and he's obviously doing something right.

Sean is goin to soar! he's the guy to watch out for



Let me make this clear so that a 1st grader can follow it:

Overall take:

Well what I hear is a lot of talk from people and no one willing to take the bet on the pads. Our pads are not like the Thai version of pads. I hear a lot of talk and no doing. You think you can make or that others can--then proove it. Thais cannot do it (they have consistently been driven under in a round on the pads here). Your antique ideas of what training is your limitation, not ours.


And this led into how Dutch training is far beter than Thai training  (the point I made, but was missed by all who responded).


(As for asskicker I am still waiting for you to step into the ring and do something. Please come here to Cambodia you know nothing keyboard fan.)

And the proof Anya is that why is a small country (Nederlands) constantly producing the K 1 champions? It's because of the methods. Thailand has millions training and no sport science.

As for the leaving Lanna behind:


Why don't you ask Andy why Ronnie and Rasmus left?

Or take a trip over to Chai Yai or even Siam 1 and ask those that left Lanna why they did?

On professionalism:

And what about the number of trainers hitting on farang puying?

That sort of thing doesn't happen at " real fighter" gyms.


So is this about Thailand vs Cambodia? Are you angry with the thais for some obscure reason? Like who invented the egg first?

Sam - I didn't know the egg was invented in south east Asia?!

Are you intellectually handicapped? If Thailand was anywhere near as rich and had sponsorship deals anywhere near the range as Netherlands has they would be destroying you all over the show


Sam - I didn't know the egg was invented in south east Asia?!


loooool !!!! good one!!!!!

I meant that on every forum it's the same stuff, like who invented muay thai, it seems sok is pissed off all the time, I wonder why? One of my friend's friend said "who cares?" lol

Sok is actually funny. You know, I don't remember him from the show. He could have challenged Zidov for funny guy status. And what's up with all the bets? He's a gambler I think. I don't know why he's so aggressive on these forums and thinks everyone cares about his point of view. It's like he roams these forums looking for a fight to pick. You would think a professional internationally aclaimed World Champion fighter like him would have better things to do. I'm actually starting to believe Sok invented Muay Thai. I'm now your biggest fan Sok!

MUAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!

I hear a lot of talk from little people who won't back their mouths up. Why so scared to follow up on your keyboard diatribes?

Nederlands doesn't have nearly the fights that Thailand does and not that many people are sponsored--so that throws your specious arguments  (quick look up the word) way off. When was it that you fought in Nederlands commenting person?  Ohhh, never!!!

I keep waiting for answers instead of avoidance on what I wrote about (avoiding doesn't change the facts, but bury your head in the sand if it helps you think you have found the holy grail at Lanna).

Please come here and take my bet on the pads--you will be sponsoring me when you fail.

And the real matter here is your ignorance on these matters vs the experential truth of someone who knows.

(Just look how wrong I was about Genghis. Oh yeah, I know nothing about this game, nothing at all. HA!).

I told you I am a fan of yours. What more do you want? You know Anya was just giving info on Sean Wright. It was you who decided to slam his club. Why so bitter? You did predict Dzhabar to win and congrats to you. You probably won a whole bunch of bets. You know, however, that it would be considered classless if you knew the outcome before it aired, and were trying to bet people on it. Not that you would do that. Who said you know nothing? I still think you're a funny guy though. The way you use intelligent words and beg people to look up the definition. Have you been booklearnin? Even Zidov didn't have that approach. Regarding your fanclub, is taken?

Maybe I know because I am in the know.

And please the sychophantic sarcasm might work on someone else, but not I.

And have you been to Lanna? Have you been to Kwaersmit? Been to Fairtex Bangkok?

So what in the hell are you babbling about--if you don't know the differences?