John Wayne Parr


Gee this bloke is sexy, hope he is a good fighter. He looks like he knows a few jokes, I bet he is funny as ha ha !

Oh no JWP is here...

Hey  your on all the other forums pretending to be that superstar Aussie fighter?? He's gonna get very angry when he finds out...I heard he's got a mean punch on him?...

Also the girls have been saying he's got a very sexy "wai kru"??? the girls were creaming their knickers when they saw him do it here!! haha


I think his Thai is pretty good.  I just wonder whose name he's got tattooed on his chest, Mrs. JWP?

the tattoo on his chest says boonchu which is the name of his school.

 JWP  is also down to earth and very friendly.

I have seen and met him at a number of Amatuer fight nights either put on by our my club or other promoters in the Brisbane/Gold Coast region.

You can see JWP working the Corner for his fighter and is humble at the end even hanging around for autographs and the like.

JWP trains ut of Boonhcu Gym.

His Real Name is Wayne Parr the "john" bit is the Fight Name.

hi there just want to say i think jwp as a really good fighter.... i think he should have won the fight back in 2007 in asia against yodsaeklai as jwp was giving his all. yodsaeklai got a few good hits in but jwp was punching better was more dominite and therefore should have won :D... i liked yodsaeklai in wanted the two of them to fight against each other but for jwp to win :(... wasn't impressed when he never won as i was watching it with boyfriend in was like screaming at telly :L lol... but there plenty more fights in who knows in future i hope he fights yodsaeklai again and wins :D xxxx

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