The final was fought - SPOILERS

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Great write up Mleong, I agree with just about everything. Great fights from everybody! Being a long time fan of JWP, and having trained briefly at the famous "Boonchu" gym, I really, REALLY wanted JWP to take out Yods (as much as I like him)

I knew this would be one of his toughest fights, as from everything I have seen I rate Yods as the best pound for pound Muay Thai boxer in the world, and he has a huge 10 year advantage on JWP. But like every great champ or legend, JWP has the mental fortitude to beat anybody, so despite the popular consensus, it was never a forgone conculusion that Yods would win. Just a couple more of JWP's heavier strikes landing in his furious combos and it would have been Yod sitting on the canvas!

My personal peeve was being forced to listen to uneducated fight fans who have never put on a glove in their  life tell me how rubbish JWP was or that his strikes had no power...

Highs - Great fights all around from the undercard all the way up to the main event

           - Some sweet merchandise

Lows- Stupid stupid stupid promo boxes obsuring 50% of the fight for me!

          - Eneducated louts in front of me spouting complete rubbish the whole time

          - Crowd booing fight stoppage, and then booing/ not listening to Stephan


Last seen: 15 years 7 months ago
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Just had a chance to watch the finale,

man! I had to watch the reply of  JWP evade of Yod's round house in the 3rd round like 20 times!!!

sweet move!,  when yod grabbed JWP's left leg and sorta threw it down to come in with a round house, JWP saw it coming the moment Yod threw JWP's leg down and bent over to evade...

Yod's kick felt nothing but air and Yod almost lost his balance as he turned around and try to follow up with an underhand backfist....Yod was almost seeming WTF is JWP?? where did he go!?