Fights play-by-play

Here we'll post all the fights' live comentaries right after the episode is broadcasted on TV.



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do you know where i can see it on internet because i don't found axn

hmm... i don't think its possible. Even JWP don't get to view it online.

JWP played a very important role, many of the fighters look up to him, he's very respected. Also they want his belts :-)

Keep on eye on Shawn, he was picked the last, but he made a very good impression. I can say he was the dark horse everyone was looking for.

Hmm.. next episode. I bet I know who will be fighting who... But the match up was kinda of unexpected. Anyway, no spoiler for you guy... Juz watch the show.

Very nice writeup.  Trevor was clearly outclassed. and out experienced. I give him credit for a very valiant effort. Tha was a bad matchup......Trevor and Shawn would have been better.

Hello Anya, are you there? Morag

isnt sean, not shawn?

isnt it sean, not shawn?

Hello! Im not sure if you meant was I online at the same time as you or not, I only just read your message! Let me know if I can help with anything! I'm not sure if we know each other, I've been wracking my brain but I can't think of someone I know called Morag - I apologise if I've forgotten, I'm useless with names! Anya x

Oops, last message from me was meant to be sent to Morag! And yes, its Sean, not Shawn or Shaun as he often gets!