Fight 8 - Pitu vs Yukay

Jose “Pitu” Sans (Spain) vs Joakim "Yukay" Karlsson (Sweden)

Round 1

Opening seconds start in typical fashion with the fighters tagging with jabs and snapping in low kicks. Both fighters seem to have similar fighting styles, using the “Up-Down” strategy of punch combos before snapping in the low kicks. The Spaniard gets the better of the exchanges as he connects with more low kicks. Joakim remains unfazed as he soaks up the pressure.

Joakim closes the distance with punch combos towards the one-minute mark. He puts a couple of straight punches through to bloody Jose’s nose. Pitu gets the count.

90 seconds into the fight and Joakim steps in with the one-two before unleashing a big uppercut to the jaw, crumpling Jose to the canvas. Jose is knocked out cold! He stays motionless on the canvas for almost a minute! The crowd roars in excitement as the Swede raises his arms in victory!

Great knockout victory from Joakim! He is measured and precised in his attacks, showing great timing and accuracy as he connects with almost every single strike. An intelligent fighter too! As soon as he realizes that he could not match Jose’s kicks, he closes the distance and destroys him with punches.  



awwww damn, i liked Pitu

yup Pitu seemed like a great guy.. I'll give credit to Joakim, but as JWP said during the EP ive never seen or heard of any fighter, ESPECIALLY at that level to get drunk 2 nights before a fight. Showing that kind of lack of discipline I really expected Pitu to take him apart, but it ended up quite the reverse. Joakim clearly has heavy hands and some great timing. Interesting to see how he does in 2nd round. One thing Pitu did not do was grapple effectively..

Que Pena! Pitu es en buen hombre. Mal suerte amigo!