Fight 7 - Zidov vs Zig Zach

Round 1

The crowd erupts. Homeboy Zach is fighting out of the red corner. He is the only professional fighter from Singapore!

Round begins in typical fashion. Both fighters tease, snapping in kicks and occasional jabs. Zach connects with a big kick to quicken the pace. Zidov finds his rhythm and closes in with one-two footwork and left jabs that make partial contact. Zach squeezes in occasional hooks and snaps in the kicks.

This looks like a classic “boxer vs. kicker” encounter. The Swiss relies heavily on his hands to tag and Zach prefers to let his kicks do the talking. Zidov connects often with punch combos while Zach attempts to evade and counters with hard kicks.

Just into the final minute, Zidov lunges in with a dropping elbow. Zach calmly evades once again. Fighters clinch and Zach flings Zidov to ropes and instinctively smacks in a high kick! Brilliant technique form Zach! The Singaporean has the last say before the final bell.

It’s a very even round with Zidov scoring with his hands. Zach impresses with better technique, focus and blocking, evading Zidov’s hands on several occasions. 

Round 2

An early Zach high kick glances off Zidov’s chin. Wait! Zach jumps away from Zidov just as he attempts to punch. He is grimacing in pain. He seems to have dislocated his shoulder. Referee intervenes and the ring doctor examines the arm. The doctor allows the fight to continue.

Fast paced action here. Zidov gets aggressive and swings in with meat and potato punches.  Zach calmly sidesteps the initial punches and tries to circle and zig zag away. The Swiss pushes hard and manages to close in with a flurry of punches, connecting cleanly with a straight right.

The shoulder again! Zach looks to be in trouble. He curses and flings his left arm in frustration. Zidov snarls, clearly frustrated with the intermittent stoppages. Referee issues a count. The Singaporean manages to regain his composure and brings his gloves up to continue the fight.

Zidov lets fly his fists with even greater urgency. The left shoulder drops again as soon as Zach attempts to move his arm! Once again, the Singaporean is left grimacing in pain and the referee finally stops the fight!

The crowd’s silent. It’s a heartbreaking moment for the Singaporean and his fans. Stefan Fox speaks and compliments the Singaporean’s fighting spirit. He informs the crowd that Zach injured his shoulder two weeks ago.


Hard luck Zach, what a shitty way to exit the tournament. Was that the same shoulder he injured falling over running?

Is zidov swiss or croatian? thought i read something about zidov being croatian.


Bad luck to zach! his youtube fights look good, cant wait to see this.

Zidov is from slowenia!!!

dang that sucks for Zack, I was lookin forward to seeing him advance in the tournament =(

Too bad for Zach. He was handing Zidov his ass before the shoulder popped out. You could actually see the dislocation where the bone was coming out throught the skin. Must be painful.

It was funny to see that regarding last week's fight, everyone, including Dzabar thought David won.


zack was cool in the contender, i feel sorry for you zack, gluck in the future.

I still remember Zidov giving Rafik a haircut LOL! Zidov is funny

beneath his funny exterior, Zidov impresses me as an intelligent and shrewd least that's what i think of him

He comprehends fully the "advantage of playing the fool"


Zidov is croatian originally, that's correct :-)