Fight 6 - Dzhabar vs David


Round 1

This promises to be an exciting encounter as these two have got some bad blood between them! David’s a pretty skillful competitor and he is going to need everything in his arsenal to overcome the raw power of Dzhabar!

Typical start to the round as both fighters exchange low kicks. Dzhabar catches one of David’s kicks and slams him to the canvas. Great technique! Dzhabar tests with an elbow but fails to find the target.

More action from David towards the end of the round as he makes partial contact with a 1-2 low kick.Nice! David connects with a teep to Dzhabar’s face. The Russian brushes it off. A few seconds left in the round and David gets flung to the ground

Great action in the first round. This is going to turn out to be a power on power showdown between these two competitors.

Round 2

Both fighters exchange jabs and low kicks. You can almost feel the anticipation of a knockout as both fighters narrowly miss with big punches. There is absolutely nothing tentative about these guys. They are both going for the kill!

Dzhabar tries to land a jumping elbow but falls back instead. The Russian seems a little too eager with his punches and ends up losing balance.

One minute left in the round and Dzhabar seems to be panting. This is surprising especially since the fight is only into the second round. Anxiety might be getting to him. Flurry of exchanges right to the end of the round where Dzhabar manages to sneak in an elbow right after the bell.

The Russian seems to be losing a little composure and David is the more active fighter in this round.

Round 3

Awesome stuff! David delivers another teep to the Russian’s face less than a minute into the round. Fight is stopped for a check by the ring doctor. David is bleeding and seems to have suffered a cut. He is ok to continue.

Dzhabar’s getting more confident as he closes in with his fists. Davis seems more tentative and gets flung to the canvas from the clinch again. Dzhabar connects with a big punch to the stomach before trying to land another elbow to open the cut.

David connects with an elbow of his own towards the end of the round. Wait! The fight is stopped again. Dzhabar also got cut from another elbow strike. Beautiful! Both fighters are bleeding.

This is turning out to be one of the most exciting fight in the contender so far!

Round 4

David narrowly misses with a right punch in the beginning of the round. David’s puffing and seems to have loss a little power in his strikes.

More jabs and low kicks from both fighters before falling into the clinch. Both fighters seemed to fatigues to conjure much action from the clinch. David again misses with a big right before falling into the clinch again where Dzhabar sneaks in an illegal knee to the groin! He is penalized and gets a point deducted!

David regains his composure finally connects with a big right much to the delight of the crowd!

No way!!! Dzhabar delivers a soccer kick to David’s head after flinging him to the ground! Another point deduction

What was Dzhabar thinking….


Round 5

This is definitely the best fight of the show! This is going to be an explosive last round!

There is blood trickling down both fighters’ faces. Not many combos and techniques in this round. Round is characterized by both fighter exchanging heavy blows before going falling into the clinch. They both seem a little fatigued.

Dzhabar misses with a jumping elbow before losing his balance and ends up tangled in the ropes. David jumps at the opportunity and whips in a punch before the referee pulls him away.

So much drama in this fight! A very close affair that can go either way. The crowd is definitely not impressed by the Russian’s dirty antics and is cheering for David to take this one.

The crowd is booing as Dzhabar is announced as the winner! He won the fight by a point. David looks visibly dejected and understandably so…



Do you think he deserved to win? I havent seen the episode yet but he must have won the other rounds convincingly if he had two points deducted and still won.

Yeah, David connected less.

anybody got a video for this fight???

Please could anybody get the complete video or the link plzzz. I missed this match.

Wow. That was an awesome fight! Personally, I thought it was too close to call. But with Dzhabar losing 2 points, I thought for sure it was a win for David. It just goes to show, you NEVER want to leave a fight in the hands of the judges.


hmmm i cant wait to see it

They are not scoring like real Muay Thai. Rounds 1 and 2 are not scored in Thailand. Round 3 on is what counts. IN a fight like this it would have been who landed more knees that should have been the winner (in the true MUAY THAI judging style).


They are not scoring like real Muay Thai. Rounds 1 and 2 are not scored in Thailand. Round 3 on is what counts. IN a fight like this it would have been who landed more knees that should have been the winner (in the true MUAY THAI judging style).



so which one of them landed more knees ?

post the fight, please!!

I didn't count the knees--just teling you how they judge in Thailand.


All those who have fought in Thailand can tell you that is how it is.


BTW no points for low kicks or punches. Dutch style fighting doesn't earn points in Thailand.