Fight 3 - JWP vs Rafik

 Card: JWP vs Rafik Bakkouri

 This promises to be an exciting clash between the captains of the two teams. The very experienced John Wayne Parr from Australia against Rafik Bakkouri, who finally has a chance to let his fists and feet do the talking instead!

Round 1

Typical opening exchanges with both fighters testing with early kicks. JWP gets thrown to the canvas from the clinch. Great technique by JWP! He coolly teeps Rafik to the ground just as he was about to step in with a kick.

The Australian does most of the chasing, closing in with punches that make only partial contact. Pretty even first round with JWP having a slight edge.

Round 2

Early pressure from JWP as he closes the distance with his fists and chases Rafik to the corner. Rafik impresses with his tricky evasions although he does not attempt to counter much. Awful miss by Rafik! He nearly falls off the ropes as he attempts to swing a high kick. JWP fails to take advantage of the situation as Rafik quickly gets himself out of trouble.

Low kicks galore! Both fighters exchanging low kicks with JWP getting the better of the exchanges. Rafik makes partial contact with a reverse elbow.

The pace picks up in this round. Rafik impresses with an unorthodox but effective style of fighting- unpredictable elbow strikes sprinkled with occasional taunts.

Round 3

JWP starts the round with a slight cut on his nose from one of Rafik’s elbow strikes. Awesome stuff! Rafik sweeps JWP to the canvas with a low kick as the Aussie tries to lunge in with a 1-2 midway through the round.

John continues to tag with the fists as he continues to pressure Rafik who frustrates the Australian with his awkward and somewhat effective strategy of avoiding John’s strikes by turning his back and threatening with the reverse elbow.

Explosive end to the round! Both fighters exchange a flurry of elbows that failed to make full contact.

Rafik’s beginning to find his tempo and is getting more confident in this round.

Round 4

Both fighters continue to score with low kicks.  More elbows on display but most fail to make contact. Awesome stuff! Rafik grabs John’s kick under his armpit and connects with a punch.

 John turns up the pressure with more punch combos and low kicks in the final minute. Rafik better to keep his gloves up or it’s gonna be a matter of time before John lands a clean one!
Pretty even round with Rafik having the slight edge, scoring with the low kicks and landing occasionally with his numerous elbows.

Round 5

Rafik looks a little tired at the beginning of the round as John lands the first kick. Both fighters exchange knees from the clinch and Rafik again makes partial contact with an elbow.

 Pace picks up in the final minute as John continues to rely on his fists and tries to score with the elbows. Both fighters slug it out in the final seconds.

A close affair. JWP won this fight barely. JWP might have underestimated his opponent as the underdog wins over the crowd with his tenacity and fighting spirit. Rafik shows us why he should be underrated no more! The French shows us that he can fight as well as he trash talks-well almost…


wahou, thank you sam !!!

Have you the video ?

not yet

haha cool plz upload the full episode

yarr...i missed the 3rd episod coz of my odd shift hours..

could u kindly plsss upload it....

Ya a close win for JWP. Rafik is good from what I heard about he challenging Yodsanklai. Yodsanklai didn't had an easy fight at all by Rafik but in the end Yodsanklai pick up his pace and won against Rafik.

Rafik and Yodsenklai fight is easily available on Youtube and other sources.  Rafik had trained for Yod then came to Thailand at the camp and called him out.  Yod trains all the time but had not been specifically training for Rafik.  They fought a few days later.

Yod, in my opinion, seemed to have little problems with Rafik and KO'ed him with a knee.

rafik style was very interesting.. did yod say that rafik had a small heart cos he kinda like gave up in his fight with him?

i just want to watch a new fight video on this fan club...jwp vs rafik...any one can help me?

I really think Rafik should have won that fight.

i reckon john had the edge though...he was chasing the fight more and judges like that...close fight nevertheless

As usual, the aggressor always wins the fight.



Off-topic, i read that Yodsenklai won the Contender Asia. IF so, then there is no more thrill.

 when it is a close affair, the aggressor will have the edge

I really think Rafik should have won that fight.


scratch that...

after seeing the fight on You Tube, the turning point was on the fifth round when Rafik was knocked down by JWP's kick. It was really bad. he had the fight on the bag and he lost it. He needs a rematch!

From what I saw, I thought Parr won round 1-3 and 5, but I didn't see the complete fight, only the edited version they broadcast.