Fight 2 - Sean vs James

Round 1


Both fighters walk along the corners of the ring in ceremonial style. Sean performs the Wai Kru in a hurried manner while Martinez waits in his corner. Gloves touch for the opening round. Sean looks relaxed and confident while Martinez seems tentative as he adopts the traditional Thai stance, tapping his feet and keeping his guard high. 

Sean impresses with fast hands and low kicks. Martinez’s measured but able in his attacks as he makes partial contact with a couple of elbows that got the crowd roaring. Sean begins to get the upper hand as he denies Martinez his distance, stepping in with quick punch combos and low kicks.

It’s getting apparent that Sean’s “Up-Down” strategy of punch combos before snapping in the low kicks is working. Martinez’s too fazed by Sean’s fists to block the low kicks. He’s going to get into trouble unless he starts blocking those kicks!

Sean powers in another low kick and Martinez goes down! The continuous barrage of low kicks earlier has taken its tow on Martinez. He’s clearly in pain as he holds on to his right knee. The crowd cheers for Martinez as he shows amazing spirit, struggling to his feet just in time to beat the count.

Fight ensues. Sean smells the KO as he continues to snap in the low kicks. Martinez is still not blocking the kicks! He is trying in vain to keep Sean at bay with teep kicks. The crowd is expecting a KO anytime! Sean looks baffled as Martinez’s still standing after three continuous low kicks to the knee. He quickly realizes that he’s been kicking the wrong knee and the fourth kick lands sweetly on the right. Martinez collapses and is grimacing in pain. There’s no way that he can continue and the referee stops the fight.

It was a sweet knockout victory for Sean, who was clearly the more experienced and better fighter.



Nice... I didn't even notice it was the knee that hurts him. But great fight...

fast suprised that it didnt occur to Martinez  to block those low kicks....maybe Sean's too fast?

Sean is very fast. My thai instructor at BXG was very impressed by his fast kicks (when Sean came to train there for a day or so)

JWP is the king there!!! Maybe he gets too much air time  

Finally they show how the nakmuays are really training, that's good for the sport.

Those fracking chinese subtitles were on top again  Someone needs to call AXN, looks like they don't notice...

Zidov is the man!!! Funny and crazy!!!!! I do wonder who stole Yukay's underwear?

Have you noticed the gloves? They're awesome!


...I do wonder who stole Yukay's underwear?


I think Zidov did

Great stuff hansen!!! cheers!

i saw Sean Wright fight Michael Dicks on one of Master Sen's promotions. He is super quick with both his hands and his feet. He is also one of the most underated fighters on the show.

I reckon both he and David Paquette will go pretty far in the show.


Chok Dee to them both



Yodsanklai kicks were fast too... His kicks were hard and fast. Hope he gets to fight soon. Can't wait for Yodsanklai to fight.

me too bro yod is a monster he will destroy rafik if they get into the ring this is just my opinion i hope their are no haters

Well done Sean. Shared a room with Sean in Bangkok for a month train, he train very hard and is very dedicated. Hope he goes far in the show and the new exposure gets him a lot of international recogniton.