Fight 12 - Dzhabar vs Soren

Card: Dzhabar Aserkov vs Soren Mongkon Tong

Round 1

Dzhabar kicks off the first with a jab-low kick combo. Both fighters continue to test with jabs and low kicks. Neither connects decisively until Soren scores with a high kick that made partial contact at the 30 seconds mark.

Soren seems intent on using his reach and height advantage to run Dzhabar down. He pumps in body blows and kicks before finishing with the push kick to keep Dzhabar at bay. Dzhabar looks like a compact bundle of strength ready to explode upon his adversary at any given notice. You can feel the anticipation as he eagerly waits for an opportunity to move past Soren’s straight punches and push kicks.

30 seconds left in the round- Dzhabar finds his mark! He closes the distance and unleashes a flurry of punches to the head. Dzhabar hits HARD! He reminds me of Tyson at his prime. Soren seems stunned and remains rooted to the ground with his guard up. He does not seem to know how to react to the Russian’s power and eventually counters with a halfhearted kick.

Dzhabar scores the first down as he catches Soren with a left hook. The Aussie looks fazed as he gets back to his feet. I am certain this fight is going to end with a KO!

10 seconds remain and Dzhabar rushes in aggressively with the fists again. You can hear the impact of the punches from the stands! Genghis Khan floors the Australian with a big overhand! Soren was almost horizontal in the air before he dropped to the canvas with a loud thump! Soren remains motionless.

The crowd goes quiet as the ring doctor tries to revive him. It took almost 10 minutes before he staggers to his feet with the help of John Wayne Parr. The crowd applauds and is relieved to see him back on his feet.

What an awesome display of power by the Russian! Soren did not even get a chance to show us his reputed elbow strikes from the clinch. He seemed to have lost his confidence as soon as he felt the power of Dzhabar punches.



I'm shocked... taking under consideration the fact how Soren was a strong fighter O_O

Well well... tell me about it... I saw the fight live and I couldn't believe my eyes....

was expecting it ... but it still totally floored me. ow ... soren looked comatose! so shocking man!!! 


TORI you owe me money!!!!!


YEAH, didn't want to listen to me--that's what you get. Atila bangs the big one home early.


SO pay up, Tori!!!

ok man, waiting for your account number ;)

YOu can send me a private mail and I will give you my pay pal account.

Bet you didn't think it would end like that, did you?

I was able to give my balls that Soren will win :(

Never ever bet your private parts

Dzhabar's first left hook was devasating... it was downhill for Soren after that. His final KO right hook practically knock Soren completely off his feet...

 jwp said he was airborne!!

Cant wait to see it! When is the download going up?

Wow! I was convinced Soren would win.  That rocked my world!

Shocking fight, give credit to Soren for getting up after the first knockdown, that was vicious! Been replaying that fight a few times now, what impresses me is how contained Dzhabar was the whole time. In his first fight it was a bit scrappy, but this fight.. wow

Also the speed that he unleased those hooks, especially the first is unreal. It really looked like he had sussed Sorens fighting style and just exploded at the right time.

Soneone else mentioned the similiarites to Tyson and its funny coz I was thinking the exact same thing when I watched the fight, even down to the height disparity.

Would the outcome have been different over the course of a longer fight? I would love to know the answer to that, and sincerely wish a rematch happens sometime in the future.

Tough to see such an accomplished fighter I admire get taken apart like that..

Seen face of JWP?

it was like- WTF? another stron guy standing in my way to fame? ;)

Tori don't want your balls, man.


But come through with the money.

i am so much in shock it's not funny :(

It wasn't... at all

It wasn't aurprising if u know Dzhabar's fight record. He has fought top Thai fighters like Buakaw Por Pramuk (Powess equivalent to Yodsanklai, K1 max World Champion) and came out standing tall. It would be interesting to see Dzhabar fight Yodsanklai - Power punch vs Power Kick, or Dzhabar vs JWP then it wouldn't be surprise if JWP gets KO !

See this fight between Dzhabar and Buakaw Por Pramuk



It wasn't... at all


I guess not..though he did look wild and too fueled by anger. maybe i'm just biased towards fellow aussies :)

Soren was too shock... din't even respond to the punchs Jabba punch when he caught hold of his legs.

I have to say at this point, all the other contender, including soren, kept on going on about how it was a lucky shot.  NOTHING lucky about it.!! Jabbar was in total control.  I thought it was hilarious how before the fight soren was going on about how he was more of a thinking fighter than Jabbar.  Its short, so watch the fight again guys, hell watch it a couple of times, Jabbar knew exactly what he was doing.   And if any of you have seen Jabbar before this show you will know what he is about!  Although some on this forum keep refering to him as a Russian and he is officially representing the UAE, he will be the first to say he is a true Dagestani Warrior, in the mould of Imam Shamil! 

If any Australian here would have seen the fight between Soren and Mad Dog in Evolution 12. A Samiliar case happen again just like what happen in the contender and I pressume the fight was a couple of months after the contender asia.  I'll try to search for the fight and post it here.

Soren Mongkontong vs Eli Madigan @ Evolution 12 (Part 1)

Soren Mongkontong vs Eli Madigan @ Evolution 12 (Part 2)

anyway, both of them are great... Soren is a nice guy and Jabba a funny dude... Love to meet them in the future.