Fight 11 - JWP vs Zidov

Card: JWP vs Dominik Zidov

Round 1

This bout pits the very experienced JWP against Dominik Zidov, a seemingly unknown before this show. Round starts in typical Muay Thai style-both fighters exchanging low and midsection kicks. John gets the better stuff through and rattles Zidov with a right straight punch 30 seconds in. John smirks and teases Zidov inviting him to counter. With his guard high, Zidov remains tentative and unperturbed.

The gunslinger seems confident to the point of cockiness! He closes in on Zidov with his guard down as his footwork evolves to dancing and taunting. Zidov retaliates but misses as John counters with style and creativity - he attempts a spinning elbow that makes only partial contact. The crowd is delighted by John’s antics although he seems more concerned with showing off than putting his strikes through.

Round ends! The Aussie breaks into a big smile and waves to the crowd. John is taking his time and having fun! Zidov seems a little overwhelmed and intimidated by the occasion. John is going to take this one for sure!

Round 2

Good start to the round with Zidov working on the low kicks. John feints and lands continuous kicks before stopping to taunt Zidov again.

Awesome stuff! Zidov fakes with a knee followed by a 1-2 but falls straight into John’s jab and into the canvas! John seems to be able to anticipate everything that Zidov’s throwing at him. The Swiss is trying desperately to find a way past John’s defense and ring mastery.

The showman in John emerges again as he slips while attempting a spinning kick that completely misses the target! John drops Zidov with a hook with 30 seconds remaining. Referee intervenes and Zidov beats the count. Round ends with John smacking a push kick into Zidov’s face.

JWP dominates again. I reckon he could have finished Zidov even in the first round if he was not playing to the crowd with his antics.

Round 3
John starts the exchange with low kicks and punches. Finally! Mr. John Wayne Parr has decided to stop playing around and go for the kill! Zidov goes down from John’s low kick-reverse punch combo but quickly recovers.

John lands a big hook at the 50 seconds mark to leave the Swiss smelling the canvas again! Zidov is closing his eyes in face of the attacks. He goes down again from a seemingly innocent looking punch.

90 seconds into round. John chases with his fists as Zidov backs off into the ropes. John lunges into the ropes with a big roundhouse followed by a huge right cross! Zidov slumps into the canvas! He does not look like he is going to make it back on his feet this time.

Zidov normally fights at a weight class lower than John. He is clearly no match for the stronger and more experienced Australian. Nevertheless, he brought a lot of spirit to this entertaining bout, getting back on his feet after being floored at least five times!



I missed this episode coz my TV's on the fritz. Thanks for the fight report. Sounds like JWP had fun!

This fight throws up another interesting matchup of Soren vs. Dzhabar. That should be great to watch.

Because of a few situations the final is really not very interesting. In finals we should have Preacher and David in Zidov and Sean place. You should look at this fight- Zidov is an easy man for Yod, JWP or even Soren. Bruce should get a chance to fight one more time with JWP, then the fight will not end at second or third round, and that kind of show should be more and more interesting. But this is only my opinion [ Mod edit zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz]. I am very curious about the next fight. I think that Soren will defeat Dzhabar.

Yeah, JWP was good, Zidov came back like 5 times, it was a nice one.

Atila or Genghis is far more agressive than your fight prediction leads on.

Yeah, Zidov got in because Ole was hurt. That would have been very interesting with Ole in the mix--things would have been much harder on the fighters as he is a goodclinch fighter and we ahven't seen much clinch fighting.


Zidov's so funny man!!!!

lol yeah!!!

Zidov just fought here in New Zealand he got knocked out in the second round by a 46 year old Thai veteran who has not fought in two years! I was expecting more.

Zidov's secret weapon didn't work as expected, JWP had his guard up all the time...

[quote=Richie Hardcore]

Zidov just fought here in New Zealand he got knocked out in the second round by a 46 year old Thai veteran who has not fought in two years! I was expecting more.


Experience.... But still man, he got big heart and he got up 5 times and sure he can take a lot of punishment!!!

zidov got alot of heart..he will never give up...keep coming after he get knock out...damn jwp punch was so hard..if i were zidov i probly be sleeping lol

Great win to JWP! go aussies but i love zidov too! probably my favourite in the house! Cant wait to see!

all i can say is tht zidov is one tough dude.. he gt up so many time despite getting so many blows to the head.. gotta give him props fr tht..

Zidov showed a lot of heart getting up so many times the crowd were chanting his name despite the fact he was getting beat bad. Anyway good win for JWP he showed he was a level above Zidov hopefully they don't match JWP and Yod in the semi cause that would be a great final.

What a difference 10 lbs made in the fight. JWP's punches were so much more devastating in comparison with ZIdov's.

Even in slow motion, JWP's final blow practically knocked Zidov's block off!!!

Just uploaded the fight scenes on YouTube... enjoy!!

John Wayne Parr vs Zidov Akuma ( Contender Asia Ep 11  1/2 )


Great stuff, thanks nyghtsky

You're welcome! Can't get enough of the weapons JWP's got on him... he did looked kind of winded at the end of round two.

zidov was too small for this event just like smandych

zidov sure showed us some true spirit, respect, even if he was the underdog in this fight.(zidov could at least get some muscles eh, physically he seems pretty weak, I believe he can hit hard even with his skinny arb, but some more muscles would be really cool)
anyway, zidov made the show much more fun, with his ideas, with his comments, etc. (and btw, where is sean with his funny comments in these last episodes? XD)

but for the next fight... I can bet anything on dzhabar. soren sure is a good technical fighter, but he fought agains alain, who did nothing else than semi block. while dzhabar fought the tough david, it was a hard and angry fight, yet the best fight in the competition, but I believe dzhabar can do it even better.
i'm really curious about the next fight :D

I think that Dzhabar don't stand a chance against Soren... it's not that kind of lever, which he is presenting. But we'll see next week, maybe a little bet? ;)

i lik soren...but inshAllah  Dzabar will  win!

Anybody know how to get episode 11 onto an ipod? Preferably not via bit Torrent that is..


Go to the downloads section, get the wmv file from the links posted there, then convert it to mp4, here google is your friend.

What do you want to bet on the fight (that already happened) but will air next Wed?

maybe zidov should gain the pounds, it got pretty brutal by the end.



Jeah, but I don't actually know the resoult of fight dzhabar vs soren.

dzhabar will surely win. long live dzhabarrrrr......

Dzhabar didn't even win his first fight. What makes you think he can beat someone who is a real winner? Soren will mop the floor with him.


Dzhabar didn't even win his first fight. What makes you think he can beat someone who is a real winner? Soren will mop the floor with him.

[/quote] What are you talking about? He did win his first fight.

Well Mr Pro Fighter  asskicker (that's large sarcasm) his first fight should have been draw. However, fights are styles. Frazier and Foreman both crushed Norton and Ali beat both Frazier and Foreman but Norton he had trouble with. IT's all about styles.

And what is thet bet, tori?



[quote=Richie Hardcore]

Zidov just fought here in New Zealand he got knocked out in the second round by a 46 year old Thai veteran who has not fought in two years! I was expecting more.


Experience.... But still man, he got big heart and he got up 5 times and sure he can take a lot of punishment!!!


You are right, big experience gap between both Jom Bing who beat him here in NZ and John Wayne Parr. How many fights has Zidov had, anyone know? I respect his fighting spirit, one hundred percent. What gym does he live at in Thailand?


And what is thet bet, tori?


[/quote]Soren will kick the shit out of Dzhabar and I think that he'll win on points, but I am trully counting on K.O. but think that this doesn't happen :/

Dzhabar has fought Buakaw por Pramuk and did well for 5 rounds even though he lost on points. It would be Dzhabar who would kick the shit out of Soren. I'll take Dzhabar to win. This match pits the most handsome looking dude against the urgliest ! Ha ha ha - Prince Charming vs the Beast, but the Beast wins !

Yeah, there is no way he will KO Atila (or Genghis--which ever name you want to use today).  I know his training partners and he frequently trains with heavy weights so power, well he's seen a lot more than some 70kg guy can put on him.


Zidov was at Legacy with Ole in Isan province, now others are saying he went South to WMC. He would not fight A Class in Europe. He has had MMA fights and some kickboxing in Europe (but not A Class in Nederlands).


Tori you still haven't mentioned what you are willing to lose on your bet?

When I said that Dzhabar lost his first fight, it was sarcasm to what really happened in the fight with David. I knew there would be some guy out there saying "what are you talking about, he did win" I can't believe there is even one person out there that feel Dzhabar won that fight with David. It was a scandal! Even Dzhabar said at the beginning of the next episode he thought he lost.  How in the world do you get a draw out of clearly losing the fight AND having 2 points taken away from you. The judges were smoking something. 

Well the judging isn't like it would be in Thailand and it is not like it would be in Japan (two completely different judging styles). I say draw because in real MT fights it is very rare to see points taken (and I've been there in Thailand when guys are run down and kicke when they are on their knees--for everyone's info you can no longer take more than three steps while holding a leg, used to be you could run the guy across the ring to take him down).

Genghis is not a points fighter (look at his face) he's a power, agressive fighter. That weighs heavily also in Thailand. And asskicker how many fights have you had in Thailand to judge from Thai view point? Now how many in Japan to judge from their view point? So what view point are you judging from?

OK, if you say draw, it must be draw right? You actually don't have to be a fighter in Thailand or Japan to understand the sport. That's like saying " You never played Soccer internationally so you don't know the rules and how it's played" How many fighters lose decisions and feel ripped off? Is it because they don't understand the judging, or does the wrong fighter win sometimes? To me, if a guy eats more meaningful blows that he delivers AND loses points, he lost. This is why fighters always say "Never leave it in the hands of the judges".  Even if points weren't taken away, Dzhabar lost that fight.

Nice excuses.


That's what I would say if I were an idiot who never fought pro--but notice the subjunctive that I used.

Dzhabar vs David match is definitely the most closely matched and intensive so far. When I watched the video the first time, I too had the impression that David won. His elbow strike to Dzhabar's head, played in slow motion definitely leaves a lasting impression on the audience. His 2 tweep kick in Dzhabar's face, again played in slow motion definitely emphasizes the grace that it was executed. On the other hand, Dhazbar elbow strike that first bleed David was somehow missed by the cameraman.

On top of that Dzhabar, unintentional kick to David's balls and miskick to a fell David were emphasized with slow motion for drama effect. So it "appeared" that David came out stronger.

Because I liked this match so much, I watched in several times, and started to count the number of strikes that each actually delivered to the other. Here's the statistic :-

Kick and punches were quite even for both fighers. The more high profile / effect strikes were -Dzhabar take down David with a throw - 11 times ! David throws Dzhabar - 2 times. David kick Dzhabar in the face - 2 times, Power punch to the stomach that stagger the other party - 1 time each. Bloody Elbow strike - 1 time each. Assuming that throws scores the same as tweep-kick-to-the-face, So statistically, Dzhabar did actually scores more strikes and win in terms of points, even if 2 points were deducted from him.

Also towards the end, David relunctance to fight after he was "kick" after he felled could be seen as stalling for time. Dzhabar did pulled back his leg before impact, so that "kick" was just a slight knock at most. Does not seems deliberate and damaging.

Both fighters fought well, and both showed the great spirit and not giving up and lasting well over reserve tank. Hence both deserved the standing ovation by the audience at the end. But Dzhabar did deserved to win.


IN Thailand the clinch throws count a lot more than a teep.

Like I said I give it draw only because of technical ability of David. In Thailand Genghis would have won easily and there would not have been points taken. But what do I know since I only fought there 20 times and been to thousands of fights in person and seen 10 times that on Thai tv.

awwww Zidov is gone! I like him he's hilarious! lol! but yeah Yodsanklai correctly predicted that Zidov had no chance at all



And who KOd Soren?

Tori you owe me some money.

I told you how it would be. Yeah, that's what happens!!!!!

my cable service does not carry the versus channel, so I am now just getting to watch them via the web.

Excellent show!

Great guys and great fighters......

rafik was a little annoying though, but tuff!