Fight 10 - Yukay vs Sean

Card: Sean Wright vs Joakim Karlsson

Round 1
This is going to be interesting. Both Sean and Joakim are former teammates from the blue team and should be familiar with each other’s fighting style. Both also won their previous fights with knockouts.

Sean starts the exchange with a midsection punch. Both fighters whip in hard low kicks. The pace becomes tentative. Great technique shown by Joakim! He knocks the Scot with a high kick followed immediately with a punch at the 30-second mark. Sean remains unfazed as the pace becomes tentative. Sean shows more movement and feints while the experienced Joakim picking his spots on the counters, connecting cleanly with a big straight punch 90 seconds into the round.

Sean finds the target! He surprises Joakim with a seemingly innocent looking midsection punch to score a down. The punch must have hit the lower ribs, a sweet spot that punchers often aim at. There is less than 30 seconds left in this round. Joakim’s uppercut-cross combo makes only partial contact just before the round ends.

Sean’s style reminds me of popular Dutch fighter Albert Kraus. He is great to watch as he shows great movement, is focused and fast with the fists.

Round 2

High kick by Sean in the opening seconds makes partial contact. The Scot continues to test with feints and occasional punches. Sean’s trickery pays off! He fakes with a kick before pounding in a straight punch staggering Joakim backwards and into the ropes.

Knockout! 40 seconds into the second round. Sean powers in a low kick after peppering Joakim with his fists. Joakim fails to rise from the canvas as the pain from the low kick is tattooed all over his face.

Impressive victory by the Scot who dominated the fight against the measured by capable Joakim Karlsson.



Yukay was great, he really showed skillz!!! But Sean was faster, great fight!

where can I see the fight?



the fight will pop up in the torrents section in a few hours.

ASs Bas Ruten would say, "That was a punch to the LIVER." That was what dropped him in the first round.

I was really impressed with Sean this round. Liked both fighters, but I guess Yukay was just slower than Sean even though his punches do seem lethal.

not surprising outcome, i picked him to win this fight, even if the fight prediction card game said otherwise.

:-) I watched the fight like 3 times, it was a good one, Sean got a good cross and a high kick, but he came back like nothing happened!