Fight 1 - Naruepol vs Trevor TNT


Round 1


The first fight of the show pits the newly married Canadian up against the very experienced Naruepol from Thailand. Trevor’s the aggressor, stepping in with punch combos,always finishing with low kicks. Naruepol appears a little tentative but relaxed, absorbing the low kicks and trying to find his distance for the occasional jab and roundhouse kick.  

Close shave for Naruepol as Trevor narrowly misses with a big high kick towards the 2 minute mark.

The Canadian is the more active fighter in this round. Naruepol appears unfazed and we should expect more from him in the next rounds. 


Round 2


Trevor steps in with the 1-2s. Great technique! Naruepol catches the Canadian’s kick and slams him into the canvas. More action from Naruepol; he connects with more low kicks and makes partial contact with a high kick leaving Trevor back pedaling.

Trevor misses with a big hook and falls unceremoniously into the canvas. Naruepol’s experience is evident as he calmly evades the fists and teases with his jabs before smacking an elbow through Trevor’s gloves.

The second round goes to the Thai who impresses the crowd with his arsenal of striking skills and techniques.


Round 3


Trevor again starts off as the early aggressor, seems like he is trying to land a big hook to end the fight. His chances appear slim. He coolly evades and slips away from everything that Trevor throws at him.

Incredible! Trevor fails to connect with most of his strikes as he chases his oppent around the ring. The Thai does not even flinch as he connects with well-timed and measured counters.

Third round goes to Nareupol. He’s showing us why he is considered one of Thailand’s best!


Round 4

Naruepol again slips away from Trevor’s early strikes. The Canadian is getting really predictable as Naruepol counters with knees and kicks to Trevor’s midsection. The punishments from Naruepol’s strikes are surfacing as the Canadian’s torso is all bruised.

Trevor is showing a lot of grit as he continues to charge in with the fists despite the punishment dished out by Naruepol.

Big high-kick by Naruepol towards the end of the round. Trevor did not see that one coming at all! He seems fazed as Nareupol continues to taunt him with jabs before slamming him to the ground from the clinch.


Round 5


Trevor starts the round with an ambitious hook. He has not given up on knocking Naruepol out. The Thai continues to shield his face while countering with big knees! He lands four consecutive knees from the clinch. Trevor is being thrown around like a rag doll!

One minute left in the round and Naruepol is obviously confident of the win. He drops his guard and teases and feints by tapping his front leg while landing the occasional push kick and jabs.

The fight ends. Trevor clearly impresses with his fighting spirit. Naruepol's is definitely one of the more technical fighters on display for the Contender Asia. Definitely looking forward to his impressive display of Muay Thai skills and techniques again.


The author, Hansen Bay is the owner of Vitage Fitness Consultancy and trains Muay Thai at BXG Fitness.


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