Domenik Zidov


That's my Zidov. ;p

hahaha. wow, we got a serious zidov fan in the house, hehe.

personally, i think soren's the cutest in the house right now. i think he's boyband material, in a less screamingly boybandish kind of way haha.

Nah, not Soren, Sean is

<p>The Ring Is My Battle Field</p><p>Be A Part Of The Solution &amp; Not A Part Of The Problem!</p>

Sorry I'm NOT a Zidov fan. I made that banner for his Facebook group which he hadn't any proper pics initially.

But  I'm a Sean, Soren and Naruepol fan! Soren's got that mummy's boy look and so does Sean. Sean's much cuter though hahahah

yep, they all got the puppy dog look down, haha. i like naruepol too. and i agree, sean's probabaly cuter than soren, but he looks so young.... i guess i'm more partial to soren coz he sounds so smart when he speaks about muay thai and everything. sean's pretty observant too, but soren sounds more... inspiring, hahaha.

Ah.... someone's smitten!

hahaha. not all that much, mind you. he's okay. meanwhile, you're the one who made a whole jpeg file for "your zidov" for the whole cyberworld to behold, hehehe.....

Ah... well

zidov enjoys plugging thai girls butts with his wiener

Go Zidov go go!!!!


I think you're hot! Good luck with your career! Muuaah!

Zidov For The Win .