This s my dream. I love the contender asia. I want to see Fairtex Pattaya.

U know? I live in Bangkok Thailand. I went to Pattaya alone on my vacation last 2 weeks ago. I went to Fairtex Pattaya because I wanna see the gym. I got information from Fairtex staff that Yodsanklai and Naruepol stay here!!!! and they will come to the gym around 3 PM. Oh my goddddddddddddddddd!!!! I will see them, I will take photo with them. I really excited.

It s time. I walked to the gym alone. so, some thai boxer and trainer asked me "How can I help u?" I said im the contender fan. just wanna see Yodsanklai and Naruepol. They r here? He said yes and he quite surprise cos in thailand the girl s not watch Boxing. and Thai fan never come here! (^o^)

Naruepol came frist, Wow............. he s very tall. so, he say hi with me in English. i said Sawasdee Ka. He thought i m Japanese. He s so shy. we had talk a little bit and took a photo.

When I saw Yodsanklai. I forgot what i want to talk with him. anyway he s very friendly and very nice. Very very happy to see Them.

Fairtex and boxers and trainer, Thank you so much for your help na ka. I forgot ask about you name cos i was very excited!!!!!!


:-) congrats! nice picture too!!!

I miss Pattaya, Going to have my one month vacation on December 2009 going to visit my sister at Jomtian beach. Have plan to visit Fairtex Gym and Yod. He's my home town boy Nongbualamphoo Province.

I was born in Nongbualamphoo, growing up in Udonthani and now working and living in Denmark. I spent sometime vacation in Thailnad and I am a huge fan of Contender Asia.