Fight 13 - Yodsaenklai vs Sean

Card: Yodsanklai vs Sean Wright

Round 1

The crowd is expecting awesome stuff from these two explosive fighters.

Sean gets it going with a midsection punch, which did not seem to bother the Thai. The crowd gasps when Yodsanklai narrowly misses with a high kick. Sean is quick on his feet, showing great movement while Yodsanklai adopts the traditional Thai fighting stance, evading Sean’s fists and patiently looking to counter.

Nearing 2 minutes. Another high kick! Sean manages to block the high kick with his gloves but looks shaken. He’s stung by the power of the kick as he backs off into the corner. Big mistake! Yodsanklai narrowly misses with another high kick and closes in with his fists. Sean’s trying to bob and weave his way out of trouble. No luck! Yodsanklai picks his shots and pumps in a big uppercut with 30 seconds left. Sean’s legs give way as he slumps bum first onto the canvas. Referee issues a count. Sean manages to stagger to his feet to beat the count.

Round ends with Yodsanklai’s tagging with body blows and smashing in an elbow into Sean’s forearms.

An awesome first round for Yodsanklai! He is an extremely technical fighter who is equally proficient with his offence and counters.

Round 2

Sean misses with a low kick and tries to tag with his fists. Yodsanklai will have none of it! This guy is a machine! He does not even blink or flinch. He simply stares blankly at Sean as he effortlessly evades and blocks everything that Sean throws at him.

Yodsanklai teases with light jabs. You can sense that he is waiting to pick his shots and go for the knockout. KO! Yodsanklai feints with the left kick before closing in with a big uppercut! This time, Sean stays down. Fight ends 1 minute into the second round.

What an awesome display of Muay Thai! Yodsanklai combines power with excellent focus, blocking and balance. Once again, he shows us why he is considered the best in the world!




Was really surprise that Sean beat the 1st 8 count, Even more surprised that he came out fighting in the 2nd round! Not too surprised about the knockout!

Know now why Yoddy's nic is The Computer Wizard. The leftie had his left hand cocked throughout the 2nd round, never did threw it but finished instead with huge right. Even Sean said at the end that he did know how he ended up on his back! Yod's a machine!

First half of the first round was quite good for Sean. Also I really liked that front punch directly on Yod's face. Unfortunately the difference between their skill were quite big. But Sean forced his lost with big honour. No complaining on injuries, just face the lost and told that he should make a better fight against Yod. Respekt for Sean, I'd like that guy. I don't know if you noticed but Yod was really angry and scared after that punch in the face, made by Sean and then Yod just freakd out not giving Sean any chance to fight back.

By the way- anyone who gaved the opinion to Preacher that he's a medium level fighter. Take a look at Yod's next fights- Naruepol K.O. on second round, and the same with Sean. Bruce made it till end of 5th round.

Totally agree with tori on this one. Sean is an awesome fighter nonetheless, I'm positive we'd see more of him in the future.

Was rooting Sean despite knowing that he is the underdog this time round. Main reason being he seems to have really given up a lot of things i his life - just for his love of Muay Thai. Plus I still haven't figured out whether he landed those devastating kicks using "the ball of his feet" or the "shinbone".

Really surprised that Sean never really used those famous low kicks which got him his last 2 KO's. Stili wondering why.. Was the strength behind Yoddy's high kicks so strong that they left Sean reeling and back pedalling? Somehow do not think so - Sean's first comment after the fight was that he came out from the fight without any injuries, despite being KO'ed..

Suspecting everything might be due to Yod's big ring presence i.e. mental rather than the physical aspects. Yod has always been able to take lots of punishment and yet remain poker face throughout his fights - we saw that with his fight up against Preacher McFee. And he did admit afterwards that he got injured in the legs. Then there was the fight against Naruepol where his eye was hurt.

From the video I guessed that Sean's weakness is in his relatively lesser developed boxing abilities. He was always filmed working on his uppercuts in any case. Perhaps should take up boxing on a part time basis - even if only just to try out against some strong hitting sparring partners.


Sean's right shoulder started to get red early in the first round. since Yod said most westerners he fights tend to be strong punchers, he may use same tactic he did on PREACHER in round 1 and take out sean's boxing arm.

After first round, you could see that Sean was out of it. Like JWP said, he wasn't responding to the trainers. But kudos to braveheart for starting round 2 with fast and furious, eventho it was shortlived. Also Yod was also boxing very well. Nice to see. Yod is the man!  (and Preacher rocks! hee hee)

Man i want to see jwp fight yod