France CA2 Qualifier - Cédric Muller

Contender Asia - Paris France 23th March 2009

Fighters incl Walid Haddad, Frédéric Bérichon, Abdoulaye Fadiga, Mohamed Diaby, Rachid Kabbouri, Michael Lallemand and Moussa Konate


Italian Extreme 7 CA2 Qualifier - Saro Presti

Now just as we thought they'd starting shooting, another poster of a CA Qualifier event  appears..

The F. M. T. THE.  (Federation Muay Italian Thai) in collaboration with the Kombat League is organizing the official Italian selection for The Contender Asia Season Two in the Palapanini of Modena on March 7, 2009.


Contender Asia 2009 - Season Two Qualifiers ( Updated Aug 8, 2009 )

The Contender Asia Qualifier final list ( as at August 8, 2009 )

Checkout CA2 Website

North American / Canadian CA2 Qualifier - 1st Leg

Just Out! Contender Asia Season Two Canadian Qualifier event scheduled for September 20, 2008. The event will be a super 8 format, with 8 fighters battling it out in a single elimination tournament with the winner representing Canada on season Two of The Contender Asia!!

Calgary’s Jesse ‘Smiles’ Miles has been confirmed as the first entrant in the tournament and Trevor ‘TNT’ Smandych ( from Contender Asia Season 1 ) will be competing in a SUPERFIGHT!
Location: Calgary Telus Convention Centre


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