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Yodsaenklai vs Marco Pique

Here's the fight clip for the match up between Yod and Marco Pique ( Janus FightNight: Thai Boxe Last Challenge ) which took place on November 7, 2009 at Padua, Italy.

Round 1

Muay Thai

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Yodsaenklai vs Khalid Boudrif ( Slamm VI )

Our favorite Muay Thai Juggernaut is up. This time round, his opponent is Khalid Boudrif at Slamm VI, Nov 29, 2009.

Watch Trailer

Yodsaenklai vs Takaaki Nakamura

Found the fight clip for the match up between Yod and Takaaki ( M.I.D. Japan presents "Thailand Japan" 2009 ) which took place on Jan 18, 2009.

Round 1 - 2

Round 3 - 5


Yodsaenklai Fairtex vs Vuyisile Colossa ( rematch )

Many considered the K-1 match-up between the two on November 25, 2008 in ( Planet Battle ) Hong Kong was fantastically close. Vuyisile 'Cheetah' Colossa had amazing boxing speed that surprised Yod in the first 2 rounds. It was only in the final round, the 'Cheetah' ran out of steam and our favorite southpaw pull ahead and took the win by point decision!

They meet again March 26, 2009 ( tonight ) Le Stars du Ring in Levallois-Perret, France; this time under full Muay Thai Rules!

CA Malaysian Qualifier - International Muay Thai Superfights

Mandate International and the World MuayThai Council (WMC) today announced a collaboration to bring the inaugural International MuayThai Superfights Series to Malaysia. Taking place on Saturday, the 5th of July - the public can expect a night of non-stop action never seen before in Malaysia.

We will also witness the emergence of Malaysia’s best Muaythai fighter in the Qualifier of The Contender Asia Season 2!

How to wrap hands for muay thai boxing 2

Muay Thai Hand Wrapping Method 2

Northern European CA2 Qualifier - Marcus Öberg ( Sweden )

5 of Contender Asia fighters are fighting at K-1 Scandinavia Max 2008 on 31 May 2008. Take note of the Contender Asia note ( below Ole )

Tournament Reserve Fight

Dedicated to Mr Parr ( Senior )

I was extremely touched by a comment left by JWP on my YouTube Channel telling me how his father got to watch his fight against Yoddy there and how he had loved it. As most of you would know, JWP's dad was diagnosed with terminal cancel just weeks b4 he arrived in Singapore for the final match. One can only imagine the mental state of JWP entering into the fight!

Thus, I have dedicated the 3-part Fight Clip to the Mr Parr ( Senior ) and ask fans to join in wishing JWP and his dad strength through their ordeal.


Im so excited to start muay thai please give me some tips so i dont screw up lol im really super excited and i really want to do well any help will be appreciated thanks in advance!!!

New Website -

I've just created a new official web page for Sean Wright , of Contender Asia fame! Its still in its infancy and will hopefully get bigger and better all the time but so far there is a little bit of background on Sean, fight record with write ups, photos (videos coming soon), and a page dedicated to Contender Asia. I'm hoping to get a forum set up on there soon enough for discussion on training/diet/fighting etc - watch this space.

Please go have a look, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated, there is a email on the contacts page.


New muay thai movie

Chocolate is the latest from director Prachya Pinkaew, the man at the helm of Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong/The Protector starring the inimitable Tony Jaa. Read the rest:

Release date in Thailand: Feb 2008

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