Season 1 is over :-(

What else is there to say... great 16 warriors. We'll be seeing them again.


Dedicated to Mr Parr ( Senior )

I was extremely touched by a comment left by JWP on my YouTube Channel telling me how his father got to watch his fight against Yoddy there and how he had loved it. As most of you would know, JWP's dad was diagnosed with terminal cancel just weeks b4 he arrived in Singapore for the final match. One can only imagine the mental state of JWP entering into the fight!

Thus, I have dedicated the 3-part Fight Clip to the Mr Parr ( Senior ) and ask fans to join in wishing JWP and his dad strength through their ordeal.

The Finale is from 8:00 PM on AXN SG time

And it's a 2 hour episode!!!! Don't miss it!!!! It starts like in 10 mins.

Videos from the Finale

I found a few videos of the finale. Note these are taken by spectators in the stadium so the quality isn't great.

Zach and Zidov's Wai Khru

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