Soren Vs. Sean Fight Clips

Well, looks like the folks at Contender decided the Soren Vs. Sean fight was worth showing after all.

Soren Vs. Sean 1

Soren Vs. Sean 2

Soren Vs. Sean 3

Soren Vs. Sean 4

Who will fight at the FINALE?


Fight 7 - Zidov vs Zig Zach

Round 1

The crowd erupts. Homeboy Zach is fighting out of the red corner. He is the only professional fighter from Singapore!

Round begins in typical fashion. Both fighters tease, snapping in kicks and occasional jabs. Zach connects with a big kick to quicken the pace. Zidov finds his rhythm and closes in with one-two footwork and left jabs that make partial contact. Zach squeezes in occasional hooks and snaps in the kicks.

Weight Divisions in TCA

you guys, i don't understand the weight class thing in the show. i think i must have missed the discussion or disclaimer on this somewhere. but are all the fighters eligible to fight with anyone from the lineup, regardless of the non-compatibility of weight class between opponents? i mean, there has to be some kind of qualification, right?. that's why there are weight divisions in official tourneys to begin with, otherwise all the big/heavy guys would be picking a fight with the relatively lighter ones. 

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