episode 13

Videoclips from ep. 13

Fight 13 - Yodsaenklai vs Sean

Card: Yodsanklai vs Sean Wright

Round 1

The crowd is expecting awesome stuff from these two explosive fighters.

Sean gets it going with a midsection punch, which did not seem to bother the Thai. The crowd gasps when Yodsanklai narrowly misses with a high kick. Sean is quick on his feet, showing great movement while Yodsanklai adopts the traditional Thai fighting stance, evading Sean’s fists and patiently looking to counter.


Episode 13 AXN schedule

Wed, 9 Apr 9:00PM (SG)
Wed, 9 Apr 12:00MN (SG)
Thu, 10 Apr 12:00PM (SG)
Sat, 12 Apr 8:00AM (SG)
Sat, 12 Apr 6:00PM (SG)

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