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Sorry, I can’t tell you who won

An article from The Straits Times April 16th 2008

A gag order on the winner of Contender Asia after the finale in this Internet age makes everybody look stupid

Tay Yek Keak
I WENT to watch a very exciting Muay Thai boxing match last Saturday night and I am dying to tell you who won. But I simply cannot reveal the winner in the final of The Contender Asia, the reality TV series shot in Singapore.

Contender Asia Fans Channel on YouTube

Hi guys, we updated our channel there, please take a look and tell us what you think.


Soren's kick

interneth8machineee on youtube noticed something in last night's fight. He said:

"Just spotted something unusual so thought I would share. This kick is usually only seen among Kyokushin Karate and TKD practitioners."

It was a great kick, it took Alain by surprise.


Soren vs Alain

This will be a great, great fight, very technical!!! Don't miss it!


Zidov is the funniest nakmuay alive

At least in The Contender Asia !!!

"Who wants David to be the captain?" All in favor? YES, David is the chosen one!!!


The Contender Asia Premiere

...So what do I think about the premiere? Let me break it down for y'all in bite-sized pieces.

The Lineup

The Contender Asia is White Boy's Land! And about half of them aren't even from Asia! Funny, I know. I checked out the profile of the 16 contenders even before the promotional vids were released and saw that the mix was pretty diverse all right, but it's something else to be seeing them move and speak on the show.

About the show

The contender AsiaThe Contender Asia is a reality-based television series that follows 16 aspiring Muay Thai middleweight fighters from 14 countries as they compete in a series of outdoor challenges and sanctioned matches. The series is a deviation from the original Contender series, which involved boxing.

The winner will receive US$250,000. The program is hosted by former Muay Thai World Champion Stephen Fox (who also serves as the show's trainer) and Jaymee Ong.


The fighters were divided into two groups: Blue Team and Red Team. Fox selected the team captains based on their fight records and characters. The leaders then chose their teammates in a "school yard pick". Blue Team and Red Team were given the names "Wild Boars" and "Tiger Kings" respectively, based on legendary Muay Thai fighters.


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