contender asia episode 5

Videoclip - Episode 5 - Recap

Videoclip - Episode 5 Ping Pong

Some fun time


Videoclip - Episode 5 - A Jersey

Pitu helped Yod to buy stuff of Ebay.


Videoclip - Episode 5 - I will break

"I'll break your finger the next time"


Videoclip - Episode 5 - Preview

"Captains killers"


Episode 5 download please!

Can someone please upload episode 5!!! Sounds like a good fight from the report!


Fight 5 - Soren vs Alain

Card: Soren Mongkontong (Red) vs Alain “The Creeper” Sylvester

Round 1

The two exchange jabs and kicks briefly. Alain scores with a hard straight right and Soren finds the target with the roundhouse.

One-minute into the round, Alain catches Soren’s kick. He tries awkwardly to sweep Soren down to the canvas, but Soren shows brilliant technique to steady himself. Great stuff from Soren! He taunts The Creeper with a wry smile.

Episode 5 AXN schedule

Wed, 13 Feb 9:00PM (SG)
Thu, 14 Feb 12:00PM (SG)
Thu, 14 Feb 12:00MN (SG)
Sat, 16 Feb 8:00AM (SG)
Sat, 16 Feb 6:00PM (SG)

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